Social Responsability

Social responsibility is highly prioritised at Ulso Design, in all parts of your value chain.

The Production of PLAISIR lingerie was until 1990 located in the basement of the original building on Linde Allé in Ikast, where the Ulsø Design headquarter is still placed today.

Today the production has been moved to foreign suppliers. Despite the fact that we no longer have the personal relationship with the PLAISIR seamstresses, it is still crucial to us that they are working under good conditions and that our production leaves as small an environmental footprint as possible.

There is a huge global focus on how our clothes are produced. We see this as a positive thing, something that creates enlightenment from where we constantly seek to enhance our social and environmental responsibility.

The production of PLAISIR’s products are therefor within EU – and hereby subject to the EU rules. This means that PLAISIR lingerie is produced without using dangerous chemicals, that the seamstresses salary match the EU standards. Furthermore you can be sure that the seamstresses has a working / private life balance, where they have time for free time activities, family, friends and so forth. At last, and most important – you are completely ensured your PLAISIR product is made without child labour.

The fact that the production are located relatively close to our warehouse, also means that the enviromental footprint made by the freight process is smaller compared to companies with production in asia. Furthermore, all transportation of PLAISIR lingerie only happens by truck, and therefore not by more polluting plains or container ships.

PLAISIR’s business model builds on small batch orders. This means that our suppliers produces a lot of small batches of our different styles which they collects and then send to our address in Ikast. Using this model, we rarely produce more than necessary, which is preferable, both to keep prices down for our customers and also best for the encviroment.

Besides having the production located within the EU, PLAISIR lingerie is only produces by suppliers that live up to the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) code of conduct.

This means among other things that:

– If a supplier cannot meet the BSCI requirements we as a company is entitled to consider the material non-compliance.

An example of the requirements in our BSCI contract sounds as follows.

–  That the goods are original and of top quality, and comply with certain Quality Standards

– That, at the time of delivery as well as at the time of retailing, the goods are in all respect legally retailable in Denmark.

– That all types of packing and load-bearing devices (pallets and similar load units used for transport and support of goods) may lawfully be imported to and distributed in the EU and/or Denmark.

– That all packaged products are delivered in PVC-free packaging.