Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Ulsø Design Aps

Address: Lindeallé 8, 7430 Ikast, Denmark.

Phone: +45 97151517

Mail: bu@ulso.dk / lu@ulso.dk

PLAISIR’s (hereafter referred to as “seller”) service consists of the delivery of goods, whose detailed design, scope and time of delivery are agreed upon by order.

Conclusion of the agreement

The Seller disclaims any liability for any errors and information in material designed by third parties. This applies to any kind of sales material, descriptions, user manual, content on other websites, etc.

Cancellation and change of orders

The buyer is not entitled to change or cancel the order after the order has been placed.

If, in spite of the above, the Seller approves a cancellation or change separately, the Buyer is obliged to pay the costs associated with the cancellation or change, including costs for storage and securing of quality and goods, as well as interest, as a result of the deferred delivery date. In the event of full or partial cancellation, the Buyer is further obliged to replace the Seller’s lost profits.

If it is agreed that the Seller will take the goods back, the goods must be unused, in perfect condition, and in original and unbroken packaging. The goods must be free of dirt etc.

Approved returns are credited, minus the fee determined by the Seller to cover return costs and Seller’s selling costs.

Prices and billing

The agreed price for the ordered goods is stated on the invoices provided.

The seller is entitled to invoice the Buyer for payment for goods as delivery takes place.

Terms of payment

30 days net.

Orders below 500, – dkr. ex. VAT is imposed on a handling fee of 50, – dkr.


In case of late payment, the Seller is entitled to charge interest of 2% per. commenced month of the total outstanding from the due date.

If delivery is made on an ongoing basis and there is delayed payment from the Buyer’s side of a submitted invoice, the Seller is entitled to withhold any future deliveries to the Buyer


The buyer is obliged to investigate and test the delivered immediately after delivery, as thoroughly as the condition requires, to ascertain whether there are defects in the delivered, or whether the delivered is in accordance with the information stated on the invoice, both in relation to quality as quantity.

In order to point out that the delivered goods suffer from defects or shortcomings (hereinafter referred to as “faults”), the Buyer must advertise the Seller in writing immediately after the error has been – or should have been – discovered. In connection with the complaint, the buyer must describe and present the error by image.

Complaints must be made within 8 days and goods will only be returned by prior agreement.

The seller is never responsible for, and it is not considered accountable if there are errors due to the design of the goods, provided the design is in accordance with the agreed. The seller is also not liable for faults caused by the Buyer’s own circumstances such as lack of maintenance, misuse or use against the Seller’s regulations.

If the Buyer has advertised errors, and if it turns out that there are no errors that can be attributed to the Seller, the Buyer must compensate the expenses that the Seller may have had in such a context, including investigation and freight costs.

Delivery terms and risk transition


The buyer is responsible for all costs associated with delivery and is responsible for the goods from which they leave the warehouse.

The stated delivery time for entering into a contract is only indicative of the Seller.

If a fixed delivery time has been agreed, the Seller is entitled to a time limit extension in the following cases;

a) Force majeure

b) In case of delay caused by the Seller’s suppliers, carriers or other third parties

c) Unusual weather

d) Work conflicts for whatever reason

e) Public orders or prohibitions which the Seller should not have foreseen at the time of sale.

Where an agreement has been made for delivery at the Buyer’s address or other place specified by the Buyer, the goods are delivered as close to the place of use as possible for the delivery vehicle, according to the driver’s discretion, without risk of being stuck or damaging the vehicle or the surroundings.

The buyer is obliged to carry out checks on the goods received and make the necessary crew available for unloading.

The delivery note or the carrier’s driving note is considered as proof of delivery.

Costs of any waiting time in connection with unloading at the Buyer’s address or other place specified by the Buyer are covered by the Buyer, just as the Buyer covers any costs resulting from the Buyer being unable to receive the goods at the agreed delivery time.

Complaints and liability for delay

The buyer must advertise in writing immediately upon finding a delay, as the Buyer otherwise loses any claim due to the delay.

In case of minor delay, delivery is made if desired. This is done at the buyer’s expense.

In the event of a significant delay, the Buyer is entitled to cancel the order. However, if successive delivery has been agreed upon, the Buyer is only entitled to cancel the delayed part delivery.

The buyer is not entitled to any compensation for the Seller’s delay. This applies regardless of whether the Buyer cancels or maintains the purchase.


In connection with the performance of the Agreement, both parties can gain access to confidential information and other confidential material from each other. Both parties will ensure that they and their employees and subcontractors, in every respect, treat the information received confidentially. This provision continues indefinitely.

In addition to this provision, other provisions on confidentiality and business secrets are governed by Danish law.

Interpretation and changes

Conditions apply to the extent that they have not been explicitly and in writing waived in writing between the Buyer and the Seller. Subsequent departures from the Agreement or the Terms may only be made through the preparation of a new agreement or written supplement to the Agreement.

The terms and conditions may be revised and / or modified by the Seller at any time. Agreements already concluded are not affected, however.

Applicable law and venue

Disputes between the parties arising out of the Terms, the Agreement or the Seller’s services in general, and which cannot be settled amicably between the parties, must be settled in accordance with Danish law.